We have a some great places to eat in Salisbury and they are very popular with visitors to The Cathedral and other tourist attractions.

If you plan to spend some time in South Wiltshire then you might like to look at the list of nearby pubs and restaurants. We also have a variety of cafe and coffee shops for a light lunch or afternoon tea.

There are also some lovely places to dine in Amesbury and the Stonehenge area.

Pubs and Restaurants in Salisbury

For more information about eating out please visit the following websites:

Pubs : http://www.pubsinsalisbury.co.uk

Restaurants : http://www.restaurantsalisbury.sp-2.co.uk

Cafes : http://www.cafesalisbury.sp-2.co.uk

Pubs and restaurants in Amesbury, close to Stonehenge


If you know of any other great places for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack then please let me know via the contact page.